Ballast Lineshaft Pump – Component Descriptions

Component Descriptions

The pump unit is a radial split building block arrangement with one to six stages, with solid hub impellers. Both impeller (as an option) and pump bowl can be fitted with wear rings. The pump shaft is supported by sleeve bearings at every stage, which are lubricated by the pumped fluid.

Pump unit is driven by deck mounted driver. Drive shaft is sectionalised, enclosed in the riser column and supported at the flange connections by spider bearings. Pump axial thrust taken by deck head mounted thrust bearing or by bearing in the driver. Oil or grease lubricated anti friction thrust bearing is used.

Mechanical seal or labyrinth seal with back up seal arrangement fitted at deck head.

Pump drive is through a spacer coupling to facilitate easy replacement of seals and thrust bearing.

Heavy duty motor pedestal flanged to pump deck head and fitted with ample access openings to spacer coupling, thrust bearing and seals.

Non sparking coupling protection (option) and easily removable for coupling inspection.

Ballast Lineshaft Pump

Ballast Lineshaft Pump: