Values and Code of Conduct

Values and Code of Conduct

EUREKA has defined its core values as ”PACE”:

Professional – All our products and the range of services we supply always need to be of the very highest quality. We are proud of the fact that our clients see us as professional, solution-orientated and flexible. Our workflows are streamlined and organised to allow us always to deliver on budget and on time.

Ambitious – We work hard and always aim to deliver innovative solutions. By always going that extra mile, we strive to do more and achieve challenging, new goals.

Caring – We are committed to bringing out the best in each other. We keep our promises, follow up and respect the work and time put in by others. Both within our own organisation and externally.

Enthusiastic – We supply important products that are critical to the market in which we operate. We are experts in pump systems, we understand the challenges our clients face and we are eager to share our knowledge.

These values form the basis of a good reputation, which is important in order that EUREKA may realize its business ambitions.

Code of Conduct

Eureka’s Code of Conduct is based on the following main elements:

  • We act in an honest, decent and orderly manner
  • We shall comply with all acts and regulations in effect for the work
  • We shall not abuse our position to obtain personal gains for ourselves or others
  • We do not participate in corrupt and unacceptable business transactions
  • We do not participate in acts whose purpose is to harm people or assets

Our sub-contractors and partners will have policies that are in line with EUREKA`s stated Code of conduct.