Cargo Lineshaft – System Description

System Description

The Eureka distributed pump arrangement has one deepwell pump in each cargo tank. Each pump can have a differential pressure up to 22 bar(g) and there are no limitations in capacity. The Eureka deepwell pumps are electric driven with explosion proof rated deck mounted motors. For higher pressure and other operational scenarios booster pumps are incorporated in the system. Barrier fluid seal system ensures no gas leakage from the pump.

Cargo oil offloading is a part of the main stream on stationary installations and requires offshore technology standard. The API 610 standard of the Eureka deepwell pumps secures built in overload capacities and long lifetime of the pumps. Proven technology with over 1000 pumps delivered.

Our electric driven deepwell pumps are designed for high output and low energy consumption. This is based on proven technology from the electric power supply industry. Optimized fluid design of the pump units and carefully designed drive shaft arrangements further contribute to low generator power demand

Eureka distributed pump arrangement secures that a potential problem with one of the pump units will not affect other parts of the offloading system. The risk for a potential problem is dramatically reduced because of the low system complexity (direct drive) and fewer possible failure modes.

Eureka electric deepwell pumps are easy to install with the majority of the installation work to be carried out from the main deck. The installation does not require pump suction piping or power supply piping. The main installation should not become a critical task as it can be carried out as an independent task late in the building process.

As an option we can offer the latest technology in frequency converter VSD where the frequency converters are used both soft start up and matching pump capacity and pressure to process requirements. The technology in the field enables us to start up pump, bring it to full speed and, when speed control is not needed, phase it into a fixed bus arrangement.

Cargo Lineshaft

Cargo Lineshaft: