Cargo Lineshaft

Main Features & Benefits

  • Pump is designed according to API 610 and suited for offshore duty.
  • Proven design for continuous and intermittent duty of minimum 30 years
  • Large capacity range from 10 to 10000 m3/h
  • Experience with pump length up to 50 meters
  • Average availability 99,8 % for our products. Minimum spare parts requirement.
  • Optimized HSE values like; high system efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and safe maintenance.
  • All wetted surfaces in corrosion resistant materials, typically SS316 or 22%CrDuplex.
  • All critical parts are easily accessible from above deck level in the pump top unit or electro motor.
  • Standard rolling element bearing handling the thrust forces. Min. 5 years. Easily accessible from deck level
  • Long sleeve bearing lifetime with 5 years between inspections. 10 years or more between replacements of the sleeve bearings. Ceramic sleeve bearings can be supplied for medium with particulate content
  • The pump can be disassembled without entering the tank, or in the tank when equipped with dismantling boxes.
  • Journal bearing distance is according to API 610. The running speed of the pump is max. 75 % of the critical speed, resulting in low vibration level
  • Sleeve bearings have excellent dry running capabilities during start up.
  • Standard and well proven dry mounted electric motors with no limitation in power, Zone requirement and voltage.
  • VSD drive or two speed electric motors are available.
  • Pump is fitted with double mechanical API682 seals with barrier fluid system.
  • The pump riser is flexible and is not critical to bulkhead deflection or bending of vessel hull.
  • Typically a pump has one intermediate and one bottom support
  • High efficiency compared to hydraulic solution. (25% less power requirement)
  • High viscosity operation up to 2000 cSt