Essential Generator Set – System Description

System Description

The generator set comprises of a diesel engine mounted on vibration dampers and a generator mounted to a common baseframe together with auxiliaries.

Cooling water for diesel engine and generator is provided by other.

The engine starting system can be either electric (24VDC), pneumatic or hydraulic

Heat exchangers for jacket water, turbo after cooler and fuel return are installed on skid.

A Jacket Water heater and circulation pump will keep the diesel engine warm during stand still in order to give an easy start up. Further, an electric lubrication pump will operate prior to test start of the diesel engine and after all normal stop of the same in order to reduce wear and tear for the engine.

A fuel tank will enable the generator set to operate for 18/24 hr. A local control panel (LCP) will monitor and control the entire system. The LCP is complete with necessary instrumentation and control system either as an independent package or fully integrated into the SAS system.  An easy-to-use touch panel is mounted in front of the LCP for local operation and monitoring

The generator can be water cooled or cooled by means of plate heat exchangers or radiators. An electric circulation pump will circulate the cooling water in order to maintain sufficient cooling of the generator.

The generator set is self-contained system customized to meet client specifications and designed to latest Class regulations, IMO, SOLAS and requirements to emission. Further, the generator set is designed with easy access to all maintenance area and are subjected to full load tested prior to delivery.

Cooling of the Engine can either be done air to water by radiator or water to water by heat exchangers.

Essential Generator

Essential Generator Set: