Diesel Electric FW System w/Eureka BB2 Pump – General Pump Description

Component Descriptions

Skarv Genset

Diesel Engine
Diesel engines used in Eureka fire water systems are designed to operate in an offshore/marine environment. The diesel engine is skid mounted, coupled with the driven unit. For each project diesel engines are selected to meet the specified power requirements of the driven unit.

The generators used are 3-phase asynchronous type, designed for use in offshore/marine environment, in compliance with IEC60034. We deliver generators in a wide range of power outputs, decided individually per project to suit the driver and application. The generator is dependent on external cooling. This is most commonly achieved by use of seawater, either directly to a titanium cooler in the generator, or indirectly through a plate heat exchanger with a closed loop water/glycol system.

Control Panel
Control panels for the fire water package contain all components and functions necessary for self contained operation, monitoring and protection of the system. The main components typically included in the cabinet are batteries used to power the control panel in case of loss of power from the installation, battery chargers, generator[/one_half][one_half_last]protection equipment, a touch panel in the door to operate and monitor the system locally, and a PLC. The make of PLC can be altered from the Eureka standard to adapt to the SAS system of the installation. Cabinets are IP55 as standard.

To ensure the system is self-contained, transformers are in some cases required. This could be necessary to run auxiliary equipment such as coolant circulation pumps, radiators etc. needed to maintain safe operation of the equipment. Primary power will be derived from the generator set, secondary voltage is normally 690V. For every project the transformers are calculated and sized to minimize dimensions and weight, based on the required power by auxiliaries. Material, painting and enclosure will be designed to satisfy customer requirements.

Diesel Tank
Diesel day tanks are specially designed for each project, and can even be tailored for each single diesel engine system if this is required by space limitations, room or container configurations etc.

Room Cooler
To remove excess heat from the container/room, room cooler can be supplied by Eureka. For the self contained systems room coolers must be included. Room coolers typically consist of seawater cooled circuit, and electrically driven fans for air flow through the cooler. Hydraulically driven fans may be supplied as an option.

Exhaust Cooling
Where there is a requirement to maximum temperature of the exhaust gas, Eureka may supply exhaust coolers. The temperature of the exhaust gas from the diesel engine is normally 400-450degC, and the exhaust cooler typically decreases the temperature to below 200degC. The cooling circuit is normally closed loop water/glycol with an electrically driven circulation pump powered by the generator.

The exhaust cooler is Eureka’s own design and meet the offshore requirements with regards to welding, material, surface treatment and documentation. The exhaust cooler is equipped with separate connection points for differential pressure and temperature transmitters, and instruments may be ordered as an option.