Diesel Electric FW System w/Lineshaft Pump & Dry Mounted Electric Motor

Main Features & Benefits


  • Full string test capability
  • Self-contained system customised to meet client specifications and designed to latest Class regulations, IMO, SOLAS, NFPA 20 and requirements to emission.
  • Skid mounted or containerized in A60/H60 enclosure for safe or hazardous design.
  • Specially designed control solution ensures minimized sizing of the Generator and Diesel Engine
  • Water on deck in less than 15 sec
  • Start up with water filled risers for avoiding water hammer
  • Designed combined solution between FW duty and Essential duty
  • Pump is designed according to API 610 and suited for offshore duty
  • Proven design for continuous duty of minimum 30 years
  • Large capacity range from 500 to 10000 m3/h
  • Experience with pump length up to 50 meters
  • Average availability 99,8 % for our products. Minimum spare parts requirement
  • All wetted surfaces in seawater resistant materials, typically 25%CrDuplex or NiAl bronze material
  • All critical parts are easily accessible from above deck level in the pump top unit or electro motor
  • Standard rolling element bearing handling the thrust forces. Min. 25.000 hours. Easily accessible from deck level
  • Long sleeve bearing lifetime with10 years between inspections. 10 years or more between replacements of the sleeve bearings
  • Journal bearing distance is according to API 610. The running speed of the pump is max. 75 % of the critical speed, resulting in low vibration level Sleeve bearings have excellent dry running capabilities during start up
  • The labyrinth seal is a non contact design with the same life time as the pump
  • Standard and well proven dry mounted electric motor with no limitation in power, Zone requirement and voltage.