API 610 Cargo Pump w/Eureka BB2 Pump – Pump Construction

Pump Construction

0052_BPUM_process_BB2The API 610 EUREKA BB2 pump is a, single stage, double suction, double volute, radially split API 610 pump. It is designed for continuous duty and is particularly adaptable for offshore, oil refinery, chemical plant and other industrial services pumping fluids under a wide range of temperatures and pressures. It is available both in vertical and horizontal execution.

Case and Cover
The pump is radially split and the suction and discharge nozzles are cast integral with the case. The case is of double volute design, which gives very low radial force from zero to maximum capacity. This minimises shaft deflection, wearing ring wear, seal, shaft sleeve wear, and probability of bearing failure.
The drive end cover contains the seal chamber while the non drive end cover contains the silicon carbide bearing.
Sturdy mounting ribs are integrally cast with the casing and pipe nozzles – creating the closest transfer of nozzle forces to pump foundations.
In vertical version, the pump foundation and motor pedestal are directly bolted to the mounting ribs, making an integrated total structure.
In horizontal version the foundation pedestals are directly bolted to the same mounting ribs.

The standard pump is furnished with case drain, seal flushing and volute vent. Other connections are available at extra cost.

Suction and discharge nozzles are standard furnished with 300 lbs ANSI B16.5 flanges with 1/16″ raised face.
Pumps can be furnished with other flange ratings and facing upon request.
For the vertical version the nozzles are either arranged in-line or side by side.
For the horizontal version, the nozzles are arranged as top top or side side.

Seal chamber
The API 610 EUREKA BB2 pumps have only one seal chamber, as the non drive shaft end does not need to penetrate the cover. The seal chamber is extra deep to provide ample space for installation of dual mechanical seal.

The shaft is of ample size to transmit the required power and to prevent excessive deflection and is machined and ground to required dimensions.

The impeller is double suction and designed with a large eye area to ensure low NPSH requirements and thus reduce the possibility of cavitation.

Impeller wear rings
The impeller wear rings are mounted on the impeller with a slight shrink fit and pinned in position.

Cover wear rings
The case wear rings and cover wear rings are inserted in the case and cover with a slight interference fit and secured with a hollow head sets crew.

Throat bushing
When a throat bushing is required, it is inserted in the cover with a slight interference fit and secured with a retaining ring.

Shaft sleeve
Shaft sleeves are keyed to prevent rotation and axially secured between impeller and impeller lock nut

O-ring type gaskets are provided between the case and the covers, which allow metal to metal assembly of the case and covers.

The pump is equipped with an oil-lubricated antifriction or tilting pad bearing to take thrust and radial forces at the drive end. At the non-drive end the shaft is equipped with a silicon carbide journal bearing, flushed and lubricated by the pumped medium. This eliminates the need to let the non drive shaft end penetrate the cover.
As an option, the vertical version can be equipped with external oil lubricated bearing in the non drive end.

Each pump is furnished with a spacer type flexible coupling and designed for easy mounting/dismounting. The bearing and mechanical seal may be changed at site without dismounting the electric motor.