–Diesel Electric FW System w/Submerged Electric Motor

Main Features & Benefits

  • Full string test capability
  • Self-contained system customised to meet client specifications and designed to latest Class regulations, IMO, SOLAS, NFPA 20 and requirements to emission.
  • Skid mounted or containerized in A60/H60 enclosure. For safe or hazardous design.
  • Specially designed control solution ensures minimized sizing of the Generator and Diesel Engine
  • Water on deck in less than 15 sec
  • Start up with water filled risers for avoiding water hammer
  • Designed combined solution between FW duty and Essential duty
  • No limitation in length according to today’s typical installation constraints makes this a versatile pump solution for modern installations
  • Integral mounted non-return valve option to prevent water hammer on start up and also permits injection of treated seawater for standby mode pumps
  • Deck mounted header tank supplies clean water-glycol to motor & bearings ensuring constant over-pressure at all times
  • Controlled pressure on the motor sealing arrangement and not influenced by the pumping pressure conditions ensure optimum sealing environment and increases MTBR
  • Water filled motor design to avoid pollution to environment from accidental spillage
  • Antifriction bearings to ensure lifting according to API610 requirement.