Handling and storage cradles

Material Handling – Handling and storage cradles

Installation, transportation and storage cradles.

Eureka has extensive experience in making cradles special suited for safe and efficient handling of equipment. The cradles will increase safety for both personnel and equipment.

  • Custom made cradles to all pumps, motors and equipment.
  • One supplier from survey on site to supervising during installation. (Design, engineering, fabrication, testing and documentation.)
  • Cradles can be designed to fulfill all necessary handling related to installation, transportation and storage.
  • Easy turning solutions from horizontal to vertical when required under storage and installation.
  • Facilitated to installation area and surroundings.
  • One cradle for all operations, securing safe handling from storage to installed pump. No need of reloading.
  • Built in cable handling solutions, loose or fixed cable drum.
  • Significant cut in time use related to storage and installation.
  • Increased safety related to less handling stages.
  • Can be built, tested and documented according to customers specifications, NORSOK or similar.

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