Direct Driven FW Lineshaft Pump w/Angle Gear

Main Features & Benefits

System features

  • Space, weight and cost effective due to few and simple components
  • Simple installation and easy alignment
  • Robust, complete and fully mechanical NFPA 20 designed system
  • This system is suitable for zone 2 requirement
  • High efficiency combined with low start up excess power requirements result in lower driver power requirement
  • No power limitations[clear]

Pump features


  • Pump is designed according to API 610 and NFPA20 and suited for offshore duty
  • Proven design for continuous duty
  • Large capacity range from 500 to 10000 m3/h
  • Experience with pump length up to 50 meters
  • Average availability 99,8 % for our products. Minimum spare parts requirement
  • All wetted surfaces in seawater resistant materials, typically 25%CrDuplex or NiAl bronze material
  • All critical parts are easily accessible from above deck level in the pump top unit or angle gear
  • Long sleeve bearing lifetime with 10 years between inspections
  • Journal bearing distance is according to API 610. The running speed of the pump is max. 75 % of the critical speed, resulting in low vibration level
  • Sleeve bearings have excellent dry running capabilities during start up
  • The labyrinth seal is a non contact design with the same life time as the pump
  • Option: Submerged non-return valve to prevent water hammering during start up
  • The cooling water taken from pump discharge and the complete system is independent of external cooling water

Direct Driven FirewaterAngle gear features

  • Right angle gear is designed according to NFPA 20 with hollow shaft to fit pump shaft with fixed coupling
  • The gear is equipped with non-reverse ratchet and oil lubricated pump thrust bearing
  • Direct driven internal lube oil system provides lubrication to all bearings and bevel gear
  • Designed to adjust the pump Impeller vertical position from gear after installation

DD FW Lineshaft w/Angle gear

Direct Driven FW Lineshapt Pump w/Angle Gear:

System Description (link)

Component Descriptions (link)