EUREKA has long experience in the pump and generator set business and will utilize the necessary expertise and competent staff to fulfill the commissioning phases in the Scope of Work.

The objective of the commissioning phase is to bring utilities, production and export systems safely into service, and to achieve a handover of these systems to producing operations while demonstrating their performance within the specified design criteria.

Eureka personnel will be present during the final MC punch out, commissioning and start-up activities concerning own equipment and systems. Establishment of a commissioning network and definition of commissioning packages early in a Project is carried out, in order to establish fabrication/installation priorities and milestones.

Definition of commissioning packages is essential in order to achieve an early commissioning completion.

Scope of Work for Commissioning

Receiving Inspection
Due to the high level of activity in the site area, it is important to maintain the goods properly. When the shipment has reached its destination, the goods is received by EUREKA  personnel together with the client.

Preservation is executed prior to shipment of the equipment based on a standard procedure for storage of up to six months.

Each individual equipment will be checked out and signed out on an individual checklist (to make sure the equipment is correctly preserved for the shipping and extended storage. If an extended storage period is required it will require addition preservation and the equipment will have to be packed and taken care of in a more complex manner.

By utilizing EUREKA qualified staff for supervision of the installation you are ensured that the equipment is installed according to our specifications. Safe and proper installation is important for the lifetime of the equipment and to ensure continuous operation and availability.

Commissioning Preparation/MC
All equipment will undergo preparations for commissioning and this will be documented by checklists. Each equipment will be tagged after it is prepared to indicate its status. After a system is prepared a Ready For Commissioning Certificate will be issued. This indicates that the equipment is ready for commissioning and energizing with a EUREKA supervisor at hand.

Commissioning and start-up
During commissioning our EUREKA supervisor will ensure that the equipment is working according to the contractual specifications. Depending on the delivery scope different disciplines will be needed at site to complement a full EUREKA commissioning team

After successful commissioning a Certificate of Conformity (COC) will be issued from.

EUREKA proving that the delivery/system is working according to agreed specifications and standards.

Support and assistance after start-up
After successful start-up EUREKA can be available for extended support onboard the rig for an agreed period of time.