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Date of Incorporation 15 Oct 1997 (EPTEC AS)

  • EPTEC was a small private company in Oslo working as pump distributor for Flowserve, Johnson Pumps, PCM and Leistritz with 15 employees.
  • EPTEC AS was acquired by Bjørge AS in 2004. Bjørge was listed on the Oslo stock exchange in 2004.
  • EPTEC was one of nine companies in the Bjørge Group.
  • Bjørge opened pump service workshop in Stavanger in 2006.


Asset Purchase Agreement between Aker Kværner Subsea AS and Bjørge AS in 2007

  • Bjørge buys the Eureka pump range from Aker Kværner Subsea.
  • Prior to the asset acquisition: 20 key employees had been recruited from Aker Kværner
  • Start manufacturing of Eureka products at Sørumsand.


Bjørge is unlisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2010 and split into Aling and Stream

  • New name Eureka Pumps AS


Eureka Pumps AS has had a strong organic growth in recent years

  • More than 200 employees and 728 MNOK turnover in 2013



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1889 Eureka Mekaniske & Elektriske Verksted startup with 4 people Hartmann bought the machineshop 24 January 1898 and changed the name to A/S Eureka Mekaniske Verksted

1901 Started the production of steam driven piston pumps

1903 Started the production of ship engines

1905 Bought a foundry, a work shop with hydro power plant, a pattern shop and a shop for forging.

1961 Eureka start with centrifugal pumps.

1968 Eureka merge with Kværner – mainly because of their common interest in the ship market.

1969 Eureka merge with Thune and the new name of the company is Thune-Eureka A/S.

1974 – 1978 Thune- Eureka move the whole activity to Tranby outside Oslo

1975 The oil crises make a problem for the company

1976 Eureka start to develop API 610  pumps for the oil& gas industry.

1987 Thune-Eureka change the name to Kværner Eureka.

1992 The marine pumps is moved out to a new Kværner owned company called Kværner Ships Equipment. Kværner Eureka change the name to – Kværner Oilfield, – Aker Kværner Subsea.

2007 Bjørge aquire the Eureka API 610 pump design and started production at Sørumsand

2010 Bjørge is unlisted and split into Aling and Stream. EPTEC re-named Eureka Pumps AS