Eureka Presentation at the yearly Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia (TPS) in Houston.

By: Cato Knutsen



The background for this presentation was a Crude Booster- full scale high viscosity pump performance test, successfully executed in a joint venture between Eureka Pumps and Cetim Lab. The test was quite unique in its character and it was therefore decided to publish a scientific paper presenting the results, but also compare them with existing methods of predicting viscous pump characteristics. The paper “High Viscosity Test Of A Crude Oil Pump” was presented during the 44TH TURBOMACHINERY & 31ST PUMP SYMPOSIA (TPS) in Houston Texas Sept. 14-17 2015, after being carefully selected by the TPS advisory committee.Background

About TPS
The TPS program includes lectures, short courses, discussion groups and tutorials within topics such as maintenance, design, troubleshooting, real- field problems and solutions. In addition, an exhibition is presented hosting leading companies from the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pumping and turbomachinery industries presenting full-size equipment, advancements in technology and emerging industry trends. Needless to say, countless networking opportunities pervade the event.

Attracting more than 5,500 people and 350 exhibiting companies from 48 countries this made the TPS an ideal place to present this paper, Eureka’s technical expertise and ultimately our name.

Surprisingly, the paper received some attention even before it was published (by Hydraulic Institute among others). Later, during the symposia the  paper was presented for a full audience and even including the TPS Advisory Committee Chairman. The presentation was successfully  completed and the good support from our Eureka Houston office and Rune Osmundsen was highly appreciated.

Future work
Continue producing papers, research reports or other scientific work of interest. In a business with increasing competition this is an important contribution in making this company stand out towards our clients. Professional skills and integrity are key factors for succeeding with this work.
Thanks to everyone making a contributing to this paper and presentation.

See paper here: lecture project-V30